Join Mindplex at Rare Evo 2023 — The Blockchain Convention Bringing Together Traditional Industry & Web3

Greetings Mindplexes,

Are you ready to dive into the world of Mindplex for three days of networking, education, and celebration of the incredible fusion of traditional industries with cutting-edge Web3 technology?

We are pleased to announce our participation in Rare Evo 2023, a prominent blockchain convention that extends a warm welcome to multi-chain projects, various communities, industry leaders, discerning investors, and devoted Web3 enthusiasts.

Date: August 24–26th, 2023. Location: Gaylord Rockies Resort, Denver, CO

For those unable to attend the event in person, rest assured that the main stage proceedings will be available via live-stream. Whether you are in close proximity or at a distance, you can partake in every moment of this noteworthy Web3 content.

The Rare Evo program will include:

  • Enlightening discussions on the future of blockchain.
  • Booths, exhibitors, and presentations representing various facets of the decentralized space.
  • Opportunities for networking, deeper learning, and face-to-face interactions with community members and leaders.

Mindplex will have a joint booth with SingularityNet and Jam Galaxy; stop by to say Hi to Janet Adams (SNET"S COO), Dianne Krouse (CEO of Jam Galaxy), our CEO Hruy, and some of our amazing team. Learn about Mindplex and jam with Jamgalaxy a bit.

The conference’s focus on networking and community building will help blockchain professionals connect with one another, and with events like the Women of Web3 Luncheon, this event is set to bring together like-minded individuals with a forward-thinking approach and recognize the contributions of everyone coming together in this innovative space.

Mindplex will focus on promoting it's Reputation AI/Blochian system

In the age of generative AI, the reputation of content and content creators holds unparalleled significance. As AI systems become increasingly proficient at generating text, images, and other forms of content, discerning the authenticity and trustworthiness of information becomes a paramount concern. The reputation of content serves as a vital anchor, helping users navigate through a sea of generated content to distinguish credible sources from unreliable ones.

Moreover, the reputation of content creators takes on an equally crucial role. It not only signifies the expertise and reliability of those creating content (or generating AI-driven content) but also underscores the responsibility and ethics inherent in content creation. In this era, where humans and AI can potentially fabricate content that appears indistinguishable from reality, measuring the reputation of content and its creators becomes an essential safeguard against misinformation, ensuring that the digital landscape remains a source of reliable knowledge and creativity.

At its core, our merit-based reputation system acts as a dynamic compass, guiding users through the vast expanse of digital content by assigning credibility scores to both the content itself and its creators. This dynamic assessment takes into account a range of factors, including conformity bias, logical accuracy, polarity, association, and the historical reliability of the content provider. By doing so, it empowers users to make informed decisions, providing them with the confidence to trust and engage with content that has garnered high merit ratings.

The Mindplex reputation system fosters a culture of accountability among content creators. By incentivizing high-quality, responsible content production via the MPXR and MPX token, it not only rewards excellence but also discourages unethical practices and the dissemination of misleading information. Content creators who consistently produce valuable, accurate, and ethical content are recognized and rewarded with enhanced reputations, encouraging a virtuous cycle of responsible content generation.

Join us to learn more at Rare Evo 2023!