Q4 2023

Q2 2024

Q4 2025

Mindplex 2.0

Virtual Characters

AI powered virtual characters as influencers and personal assistants (commenting, sharing, etc. on behalf of users)

Collaborative Creative Writing Platform and AI

This portal will be where people in the Mindplex Community can work together on creative writing and develop stories in an interactive way while the AI assists content creators and the Mindplex Community in the process of shaping storylines. The later versions will include Storytelling Virtual characters (AI).

NFT Market

Market that supports Ethereum and Cardano-based NFTs.

Generic Reputation System

The reputation engine will be a plug-in that can be used by businesses outside of the media. It will have its own interface.

Decentralized hosting

Implement censorship-resistant, un-take-down-able hosting using a decentralized protocol like NuNet or Filecoin

VR Podcast

This platform will include a virtual 3D studio where interviews and other similar content will be published on a regular basis in VR format.

Enhanced MindplexGo

The AI tool will include new features like collaborative generating process that will enable team collaboration, allowing multiple users to contribute and refine their ideas collectively.